Tata CLiQ: End of Season Sale became customer favorite 

Tata CLiQ: End of Season Sale became customer favorite 

Objective: Amplify the sale and the versatility of products available for fashion lovers.

End-of-season sales are viewed as clearance events that push the sale of lingering trends from the previous season. However, the Tata CLiQ End of Season Sale is all about catering to evergreen trends. They endure all year long. To position its sales as a distributor of eternal fashion and trends supplier, Tata CLiQ joined hands with the Good Creator Co.

Content from online fashion experts, aka fashion and lifestyle influencers, reached out to its right audience (fashion frenzies), making the campaign a hit! 

Strategy: With a three-levelled content strategy, the campaign achieved the goal

To amplify this sale, influencers showcased the versatility of the buys from the sale and its season-proof aspect, pushing out the messaging that the pieces bought are “trends that never end” and could serve one all year long regardless of the season. Creators made reels promoting the sale. 

Three-leveled strategy, you ask? 

  1. Trends that never end
  2. Brand integration 
  3. Sale-call out 

Trends that never end: Fashion is seasonal, making it not so frugal. What if you could get trendy yet all-season pieces in your budget? WIN-WIN!!! People buy products when the brand sells emotions. Tata CLiQ gave its customers. Not just selling a sale but selling the “trends that never end”. 

Brand integration: If you pay attention to fashion influencers’ content is filled with questions about the products they wear.  While working with influencers, the campaign gave them creative integration to create content catering to their audience and swiftly integrating the brand. 

Sale call out: We 100% understand the importance and need of a strong CTA that can compel and push your audience to do what is needed. So the creator videos specifically gave the “Shop now” button at the end and told everything about the sale to the viewers. 

Choosing a mix of popular mid-tier & micro influencers contributed highly to most of the engagement.

The videos were divided into – the pre-buzz phase, the main sale period, and the sustenance posted over a time period of 1 week. Popular campaign hashtags were #EOSSOnTataCLiQ, #EndOfSeasonSale and #EOSS


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