Titan: Elevating Timekeeping to Timeless Sophistication Through Influencer Marketing Success

Titan: Elevating Timekeeping to Timeless Sophistication Through Influencer Marketing Success

Objective: Take The Old School Time Keeping To Geographical Spotlight

Titan EOSS is one of the few brands that has elevated timekeeping to an aesthetic statement piece. Each tick of the clock handle reminds us of the luxury surrounding us.

Talk about a brand that beautifully merges old school with modern swag, and you will be reminded of Titan EOSS.

This time, the brand, with the help of influencer marketing, wanted to craft a geographical spotlight on local regions like Gujarat, Hyderabad, Bihar, Punjab, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Bangalore.

The primary objective of the campaign was to promote End Of Season Sale and anchor followers for their Instagram page. 

Titan joined hands with Good Creator Co. in a quest to reach and amplify its sheer sophistication among the masses. 

Strategy: The Power Of Authentic Brand-Aligned Content For Maximum Engagement

It is imperative to onboard influencers who are in alignment with the brand voice and can deliver engaging content. The engagement rate of the audience matters way more than the follower count. 

For the Titan EOSS campaign, we onboarded a total of 1656 regional creators whose content matched the brand tonality of Titan EOSS. 

There were two video stories given to each creator. The first video was about the End of Season Sale and the discount showcasing their timeless beauty watches.

The second story was an invitation to follow their Instagram page. 

The regional creators struck the right chord with their audience and helped in boosting sales. 

Each creator made two stories, each weaving the sophisticated thread of timeless fashion and sophistication, showcasing the perfect brand storytelling. 

We got the maximum engagement and traction from Uttar Pradesh as they contributed 20.1 %, followed by Delhi at 15.8% and Bengal at 15.2%.

Results: Exemplary Metrics Through Strategic Influencer Content Marketing 

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