Vatika amplified brand reach with Influencer Marketing

Vatika amplified brand reach with Influencer Marketing

Vatika is a hair oil brand of one of the best Ayurvedic & Natural Health Care Companies in India, Dabur. To make it the go-to-haircare product, it relied on an Influencer Marketing strategy by The Good Creator Co.

Objective: Make Dabur Vatika the only choice for all hair problems

The objective was to encourage people to participate in a 4 weeks challenge. This highlighted the fact that adding hair oil to your daily regime with Dabur Vatika hair oil can help reduce hair fall by 50%.

The challenge aimed to reach out to young girls with hair fall problems. So, we roped influencers to take up this challenge and talk about how this routine helped them solve their hair woes.

Strategy: To stimulate a 4 weeks challenge across Instagram

The campaign was executed in 3 phases. The first phase was a video featuring a well-known TV celebrity, Asha Negi. She took up the 4 weeks challenge #TheFallenTruth and highlighted the results post using the hair oil.

This content was followed by 12 Instagram influencers who took the same 4 weeks challenge and made 1-minute testimonial videos. These were about their experience, spreading the message to their audience.

Further to the success of phases 1 and 2, the campaign roped in a well-known south celeb, Adah Sharma, who helped reach the southern part of the country.

She took the #TheFallenTruth challenge as well and highlighted the results in the form of a video similar to Asha Negi’s video making it more regional to the southern audience.


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