Zlade manscaped the internet with its ballistic trimmer. 

Zlade manscaped the internet with its ballistic trimmer. 

Wondering what’s a Zlade trimmer? Zlade is a brand that introduced next-level smooth trimmers for men and women, both suitable for all skin and hair types. With these trimmers, you get superior quality at less high prices, which is the best of both worlds!

To cater to such a predominantly male audience in the market, Zlade joined hands with The Good Creator Co. Let’s look at how Zlade trimmers introduced to its target audience with an influencer marketing campaign.

Objective: Brand and product awareness highlighting Zlade’s ballistic trimmer 

Zlade launched an influencer marketing campaign during Diwali with the primary objective of generating brand awareness. They marketed it to a set of people, a time when everyone is in the festive feels, a time when people attend parties and get ready.  

Zlade, with its unique features that distinguish the brand from its competitors, presented it with larger potential customers that can be reached out using an influencer marketing campaign. 

Strategy: Highlighting the necessity of manscaping, especially during the festive season

Diwali is the season of new beginnings. To introduce the new Zlade trimmer in the market, the brand selected Diwali time. So how did the campaign help in introducing new Zlade trimmer to people? Zlade collaborated with male influencers from grooming, fashion, and lifestyle categories to convey this message – Its super smooth quality and additional accessories make trimming more effortless than ever. And, of course, not to forget, it is entirely safe to use on the most sensitive parts of your body. 

The plan was set around two influencers, Pratik Gupta and Mohit Tiwari, macro and micro-influencer, respectively. The dynamic duo brought in enough traction towards the brand and used two reels and two stories leading, urging their followers to check out the product. The story narrative revolved around getting “Diwali-ready” and telling their followers about how easy it is to trim by showcasing it on the video. Guys getting ready and in need of urgent trimming, that’s when Zlade comes to their rescue. Take a look yourself – 


Results of Zlade's Instagram diwali campaign

The festive season is the perfect time to launch an influencer campaign with effective messaging your brand wants to convey. Want to celebrate your brand with influencers this festive season? Say hello to us here.